Puppies 3 weeks!

We have opened our eyes and now we start to explore the world! 

Learn more about the litter here! 


We welcome our first Saluki litter!


Our Saluki litter is born!

What a special day!

 More about it on the "Puppies" page


We are having puppies! 😍

The first Al Bhazim litter is coming!

What an exciting day ❤️
So far 3 boys:
One chocolate & tan
Two black and tan

Waiting for more ❤️🐾

Continues with
One black & tan girl
Two silver grizzle girls
One silver grizzle boy
One fawn grizzle girl

Unfortunately we lost one puppy πŸ’”
so we ended up with 8 instead of  9 sweethearts ❤️

Pics to come under puppies...


How many and what color?

 X-ray shows that there are many puppies

On the left: Grace with the litter she was born in and her parents.
On the right: Simon and the litter he was born in and his parents.
All such beautiful salukis ❤️
Any clue on colors? Might be a lot of grizzles and bl&tans.


And we are expecting!


In Finland at the darkest time of November 2017, 
   these two beautiful salukis were mated ❤

How many puppies can there be?
Only two weeks to go!


Puppies Expected

Al Bhazim Puppies Expected 

at the end of January 2018

Both have healthy hearts and eyes and are tested clear from NCL.

Enquieries most welcome.
You find me at Facebook Messenger: Cisse Wunsch 
e-mail: albhazim ( a ) gmail.com 
phone: +358 40 743 7151

We live in Finland and we speak
Swedish - Finnish - English